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3 best ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire (August 2022)

Free Fire doesn’t boast top-notch visual quality or game physics, but it is the content that has made it one of the most popular tactical shooters. Garena’s famous mobile game offers many features that are tactically significant or boast-worthy.

However, like any free-to-play title, Free Fire and its MAX variant allow users to make many in-app purchases. They can find a series of in-game items like characters, skins, emotes, etc., obtainable via in-game currencies — diamonds and gold.

Gold is grindable, meaning players must complete missions, play matches, and log in daily to acquire the same. However, diamonds cost actual money with fixed rates for each server. Still, some legitimate ways allow gamers to procure diamonds for free.

Garena Free Fire: Best ways to obtain diamonds for free in August 2022

Diamonds, one of the primary modes of transaction in Free Fire, are highly sought-after. Many F2P users can’t afford to acquire diamonds due to their high prices. However, they can employ the following ways to claim free diamonds in the game:

1) Redeem codes

Gamers can also acquire free diamonds with redeem codes (Image via Garena)
Gamers can also acquire free diamonds with redeem codes (Image via Garena)

Free Fire redemption codes are the most basic way to grab free rewards in the game. Players can get an active redeem code for their server and use the same on the rewards redemption website to claim free prizes, which are both permanent and temporary.

Interestingly, redemption codes also offer diamond rewards. Therefore, they are the safest and most legitimate way to grab diamonds in the title, as Garena provides them.

However, readers should not use any redeem code generators as they are scams.

2) Booyah! app rewards


Akin to redemption codes, the rewards from the Booyah! app are also granted by Garena. Players are required to complete specific tasks primarily related to watch time. Thus, they can grab rare outfits, emotes, skins, and other collectibles.

Furthermore, the Boyah! app grants free diamonds on various occasions, but users will have to keep a close watch on the same. It is also worth noting that they must use their kin-game accounts and the platform attached to them to log in on the Booyah! app and claim free prizes.

3) GPT apps and websites


The third and arguably most effective way to claim diamonds for free is purchasing them using gift cards or virtual money for Play Store/iTunes Store. Gamers can grab such gift cards from apps like Poll Pay, Easy Rewards, Google Opinion Rewards, SwagBucks, and more.

They must complete the tasks featured on GPT (get-paid-to) apps to grab free money. These tasks are mostly related to surveys, but in some apps, readers will have to watch videos, take quizzes, play games, or complete any other requirement to claim prizes.

Gamers can obtain gift cards from various GPT apps or websites (Image via Garena)
Gamers can obtain gift cards from various GPT apps or websites (Image via Garena)

Once they have acquired enough virtual money for Play Store/iTunes Store, players can open the game and head to the diamond section to purchase the in-game currency.

Here are the different rates for diamond bundles in Garena Free Fire/FF MAX:

  • 100 diamonds: ₹80
  • 310 diamonds: ₹250
  • 520 diamonds: ₹400
  • 1060 diamonds: ₹800
  • 2180 diamonds: ₹1,600
  • 5600 diamonds: ₹4000

Apart from the diamond bundles, users can purchase memberships to get the in-game currency at discounted prices:

  • Weekly membership (450 diamonds at ₹159)
  • Monthly membership (2600 diamonds at ₹799)

They can also look for giveaways or custom room contests organized by various Free Fire streamers to try their luck for diamond prizes.

Disclaimer: Free Fire is blocked in India, so gamers should install the MAX variant to access their game accounts.

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