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Aussie Company Seals Deal with NASA to Help Bring People to the Moon: What About SpaceX?

An Australian tech company has just sealed a deal with NASA and will provide the space agency with software to monitor the first woman and first person of color landing on the Moon. They will also help monitor the first human on Mars.

FirstWave Gets an Extension Role with NASA to Supply Software

According to the story by Business Wire, FirstWave Cloud Technology or ASX:FCT announced that the Australian tech company was able to get an extension to its role with NASA. The company is responsible for providing monitoring software to the space agency.

Opmantek was recently acquired by FirstWave which initially signed an agreement in order for its software to be used in the Artemis missions that took place in 2021. The reason why this is important is that Artemis is the very first step in the “next era of human exploration.”

CEO Says They Will be Part of the Team Delivering Humans Back to the Moon

It was also noted that Artemis will help NASA establish a “suitable presence on the Moon” in order for them to prepare for missions to Mars. Danny Maher, the CEO of FirstWave, announced that he was proud to be “part of the team delivering humans back to the Moon for the first time in 50 years.”

Maher noted that the event will be a historical moment since the world would see the first woman and the first person of color being able to put their footprints alongside Neil Armstrong and other explorers of the moon.

Nature of How NASA Uses FirstWave’s Software Remains a Secret

The FirstWave CEO acknowledged that it is a massive and complex situation but said that they are very proud that they will be providing software to help support it. The article by Business Wire noted that the exact nature of how FirstWave’s software is being used by NASA is a secret.

Despite the secrecy, FirstWave was still selected to handle certain events in real time during a mission-critical setting. One of the major features of the solutions of FirstWave is the automated resolution of events of the software. These events can be applied in any environment.

NASA Utilizes Three Primary Software Modules

So far NASA utilizes three different primary software modules; NMIS, opEvents, and opHA. Each of these modules operates and is designed to operate differently but adds support in different places.

The NMIS is reportedly the backbone of “a network management system” it is also reportedly the core of the network management, monitoring and auditing software modules being used by FirstWave.

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No Competition with SpaceX Since Company Doesn’t Build Rockets

The opEvents reportedly includes the processing of diagnostics of events as well as the leverage of intelligent automation in order to help remediate the issues. The last module is the opHa which includes high availability, and automated redundancy, “with primary-poller functions and geographic distributions of the management system to enable optimal functionality.

Since the Australian company is not into rockets but rather software, it does not technically compete with SpaceX.

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