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Monday, October 3, 2022

Delhi HC to Jairam Ramesh

Irani sought damages of over Rs 2 crore from the Congress leaders for allegedly making baseless allegations against her and her daughter

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Friday issued summons over a defamation suit filed by Union minister Smriti Irani against Congress leaders Jairam Ramesh, Pawan Khera and Netta D’Souza, and asked them to take down tweets and other social media posts regarding allegations brought in against Irani’s daughter.

Irani in the suit stated that the Congress leaders have conspired with each other to launch a tirade of false, scathing and belligerent personal attacks against her and her daughter with the common motive to malign, defame and injure her and her daughter’s reputation, moral character and public image.  She has also sought damages of over Rs 2 crore from the Congress leaders for allegedly making baseless and false allegations against her and her daughter.

Passing the order, Justice Mini Pushkarna said, “The applicant has made out prima facie case and balance of convenience lies in favour of the plaintiff (Irani) and against the defendants (Congress leaders). I deem it proper to pass ad interim injunction directing defendants 1 to 3 to delete and remove the allegations made during the press conference from all social media platforms —  Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They are also directed to remove the post, videos, tweets, retweets, and morphed pictures of plaintiff and her daughter along with the allegations and stop their recirculation. If defendants 1 to 3 fail to comply with the directions within 24 hours of this order, defendants 4 to 6 (social media platforms) are directed to take down (the material).”

The order added, “I am of the prima facie view that slanderous allegations were made against the plaintiff without verifying actual facts. Grave injury has been caused to the reputation of the plaintiff in view of the tweets and retweets carried due to the press conference of the defendants.”

Reacting to the judgment, Ramesh said he will present the facts before the court and challenge the alleged “spin” given by Ms Irani on the matter pertaining to charges against her daughter.

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