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How to level up quickly in Free Fire MAX after OB35 update

Free Fire MAX and its lighter variant are two of the most popular games that boast over 1.1 billion downloads on the Play Store, as well as a massive player count. Thus, Garena has introduced various reward systems to maintain player engagement.

Ranked mode is a well-known way of claiming free rewards in the title, but it also requires a specific skill set. On the other hand, the in-game EXP (experience) levels don’t require much skill, and one can easily maintain consistent in-game progress as well. Hence, casual gamers can consider leveling up in Free Fire/FF MAX to be a side quest, which they can complete by playing as many matches as possible (ranked or unranked).

The following section will provide more details on how users can increase the pace of leveling-up in Garena Free Fire and its MAX variant.

Focusing on gaining more EXP to level up fast in Garena Free Fire MAX (OB35 version)


The performance of the player influences the amount of EXP obtained through each match. This means that winning more games in Free Fire MAX can prove to be beneficial and will provide maximum progress in leveling up.

Thus, players should strategize better if they desire to earn more EXP points through each game. In this, one can use a decent loadout, employ overpowered characters, utilize weapon skins, and enhance every possible tactical advantage to acquire more experience and level up readily.

Apart from showcasing a better skill set on the battlefield, gamers can also earn double experience using the Double EXP Card (100% EXP Card). Such cards are valid for seven days, and players can purchase them from the in-game store. Here’s how Free Fire MAX users can get the Double EXP Cards in the game:

Step 1: One should open the Free Fire MAX app after making sure that they have installed the latest OB35 version.

Tap on the Store (Image via Garena)
Tap on the Store (Image via Garena)

Step 2: Players should click on the “Store” option to view the available content.

One should choose the Double EXP Card from the Item section (Image via Garena)
One should choose the Double EXP Card from the Item section (Image via Garena)

Step 3: Users can find a Double EXP Card in the Item section, with a price tag of 100 diamonds.

Step 4: Players will have to pay 100 diamonds to complete the purchase. Once the transaction is complete, one Double EXP Card will automatically be credited to the player’s account (visible in the Vault).

Step 5: The card will start working right after it becomes available in the Vault, so players can get to grinding hard immediately.

One can also acquire a 50% EXP Card from the Guild Sign-in rewards (Image via Garena)
One can also acquire a 50% EXP Card from the Guild Sign-in rewards (Image via Garena)

Additionally, users can avail themselves of a 50% EXP Card with a three-day validity via the Guild sign-in rewards.


Gamers should play more and more games across BR and CS modes (ranked or unranked) to get more experience in Garena Free Fire MAX.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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