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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Iman Zaidi bags the Bhartiya Kala Ratna Award

Iman Zaidi’s phenomenal art of beautifying brides has captured the attention of young women throughout India. Wedding wish lists are incomplete without ‘bridal makeup by Iman Zaidi’. She is not only admired by brides but also by many makeup enthusiasts. She is regarded as a great influencer and inspiration for budding makeup artists.

Zaidi’s work and talent was recognised by Global Scholars Foundation and she qualified as a nominee for the Bhartiya Ratna Awards (Jewel of India). Dr VijayKumar Swarupchand Shah, Padmashri title holder was the chief guest and presenter of the Noble Award.

She was the only nominee from the Indian bridal and beauty industry. Her effort in bringing forth recognition for the Indian makeup styles was highly appreciated by Dr Shah and the organisers.

“While many makeup artists are appreciated in the glamor industry, very few artists are working towards recognising the art of traditional bridal makeup styles of India. Makeup artists, especially those who work closely with Indian cultures must be recognised for their efforts as they use their talent in justifying a makeover for modern day women into a traditional one.” says Zaidi.

She has worked with more than thousand brides throughout India and takes personal interest in different cultures and heritage of Indian aesthetic art.

Through her art she wishes to preserve the different traditional and cultural aspects of bridal makeup in the modern age. Her aim is to bring honorable recognition to Indian bridal makeup artists.

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