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Meet some of India’s best photographers and filmmakers behind celebrity and A-lister weddings

While weddings ring loud with traditions, extravagance, and grandeur, the true backbone of these occasions are the artists who turn the couple’s dream into reality. And when it comes to memorializing this magical affair, the search comes down to photographers and filmmakers who have the artistic skill to capture not just the moments, but the sentiments as well. Needless to say, India’s Wedding Photography and Filmmaking community is thriving and we’re here to shed a spotlight on those making timeless marks in the industry. Read on to know all about them.

Vishal Punjabi, The Wedding Filmer

It’s safe to say that wedding films made by this company are no less than family heirlooms. “For me, creating something for actors and actresses, who are used to seeing themselves on screen with music by famous composers and still blowing their minds with our music and visuals is difficult but oh so fulfilling!” shares Vishal.

All of the celebrity weddings they’ve filmed, starting with Anushka & Virat, Deepika & Ranveer, Vicky & Katrina, Farhan & Shibani, have all been intimate, close family affairs. This is why The Wedding Filmer crew prefers traveling with the most non-intrusive equipment as they do not believe in directing in any way. Everything they shoot is rooted in real emotions, be it love, joy, sorrow, or happiness, to ensure that the essence of each couple’s story is beautifully captured.

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Siddharth Sharma, House on the Clouds

House on the Clouds, as Sharma says, was born from a deep passion for telling stories. “We live to show the extraordinary nuances of love stories and their celebration through weddings. And over the years, our addiction to explore has lead us to learn and reinvent this passion through each of our couples,” he adds.

Be it apartments or palaces, a home in the hills or a helipad in the desert, a courtroom or a century-old church, or the most recent one – a balcony, House on the Clouds has been capturing weddings in all fashion. If you need a little reminder of their work, just take a look through the celebrity wedding that took the internet by storm. Yes, we are indeed talking about Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s wedding. “Alia & Ranbir chose to celebrate their coming together at home with their most loved ones. And to our pleasant surprise, it was as beautiful and comfortable as any other wedding. The same wholesome emotions and infinite, infusing love,” shares Sharma.

House on the Clouds believe in shooting from the perspective of a close friend, prioritizing the details that are important to the couple, whether it is a bride’s kaleera or the groom holding a portrait of his father. They indulge in the idea of ​​telling the story of your love, only with an intriguing twist. And they co-create the wedding with the couple as their muse. “We see love a lot like Alia and Ranbir do – as a pure celebration of emotions, but with a sense of humour and unending smiles,” concludes the founder.

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Lakshya Chawla, Shutterdown

Since its inception, Shutterdown has been following the philosophy that every couple is different and deserves a unique experience. Hence, they don’t stick to a set template, instead, each of their creations hold the couple’s personality, character and vibe at core, ensuring that their photos and films are timeless and cherished by generations to come.

Over the course of 10 years, they’ve worked on weddings ranging from a 20-people intimate ceremony in Prague to 55000-people wedding in a stadium. No matter what the space or the style demands, Shutterdown is one such company who woos you with not just their work, but also their fun-loving and spirited attitude.

Recalling Vikrant Massey and Sheetal Thakur’s wedding, Lakshya says, “Vikrant and Sheetal got to know about us through one of their friends whose wedding we had shot in the past. And our creative approach towards them was the same as how we approach all our couples. We got on a call with Sheetal to gauge an understanding on how the wedding is planned, their personalities and the overall vibe. Needless to say, it was an extremely beautiful and intimate wedding in Sheetal’s hometown in Himachal, Shahtalai that we were honored to capture.”

For Shutterdown, music forms an intrinsic part of their shoot style and they are acclaimed for recreating music for their couples. When they’re not shooting weddings, they take the role of educators and teach photography and filmmaking to upcoming photographers and filmmakers across the country. Another commendable feat was the stringer footage that they shot for the Netflix show “The Big Day.”

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Sam & Ekta

This husband-wife power duo believe in the power of authentic and photojournalistic storytelling. Their approach towards documenting weddings is simple – they believe in capturing real moments, because the photos of these memories will always stand the test of time and remind their brides and grooms not just of what everything looked like, but also what they felt like on their wedding days.

When it comes to photographing the weddings of brides and grooms who are public figures (or celebrities), Sam & Ekta treat each of their couples as first and foremost, human beings who have real emotions, and so, there is a lot of empathy and sensitivity required in photographing them. From Farhan & Shibani, Khrisa & Anmol to Shaza & Priyaank, and even Antara & Mohit, all weddings photographed and filmed by them carry a unique visual language of their own.

From a technical perspective, the couple prefer staying light on their feet for two reasons. First, it allows them to be invisible at weddings, so they can capture moments without being noticed. And secondly, a photojournalistic approach requires them to be able to move around quickly and adapt to the available light. So they carry a maximum of two cameras each at any point of time, with a different lens on each.

All in all, this duo is always open to learning new things when it comes to photography, filmmaking and other forms of art such as music, dance, design; which helps them evolve & grow as artists and human beings.

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