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Monday, October 3, 2022

Tesla removes Semi reservation option, disappears a motor

Tesla has stopped taking reservations for its electric Semi truck without any explanations, as well as quietly updating specifications for the electric prime mover which it describes as “The Future of Trucking”.

The EV and battery giant has quietly removed the ‘Reserve Now’ option from its Semi product page, but it also suggests that  the Tesla Semi will now seemingly only boast three motors.

Where before the Semi was set to boast “four independent motors”, the current Semi product page says that “Three independent motors provide instant torque and unmatched power at any speed so drivers can merge safely and keep pace with traffic.”

Similarly, further modifications to the Semi product page show that its charging capabilities appear to have been downgraded somewhat.

Originally, the Semi was promised to be able to gain 644km of charge in 30 minutes using one of Tesla’s own ‘Megachargers’, that number has now been downgraded to 563km in 30 minutes using one of Tesla’s Semi Chargers – though exactly what the specifications for a ‘Semi Charger’ will be is anyone’s guess.

But while a number of the top-line specifications for the Tesla Semi have been reduced, the quiet change to the Semi product page might hint that we are nearing an official launch for a 2023 Tesla Semi – in line with promises made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter earlier this month.

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